Table of Contents

FrontispieceAwantha Artigala

List of Contributors

ForewordPaikiasothy Saravanamuttu

Editor’s IntroductionAsanga Welikala

The Process and Politics of Constitutional Change

  1. The Process of Constitutional Reform, January to May 2015Aruni Jayakody
  1. Constitutional Reform in a Multi-Polar Setting: The Negotiation of Competing Party Political Interests in the Promulgation of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Amendments Kalana Senaratne
  1. Cosmopolitanism as a Framework for Understanding Recent Political Change in Sri LankaLaksiri Fernando
  1. Yahapalanaya as RepublicanismAsanga Welikala

The Substantive Changes of the Nineteenth Amendment and the Future

  1. The Pre-Enactment Challenges and the Supreme Court Determination on the Nineteenth Amendment Bill – Shehara Athukorala
  1. Parliament and Government after the Nineteenth AmendmentReeza Hameed
  1. The Constitutional Council and the Independent Commissions: The New Framework for Depoliticising GovernanceDinesha Samararatne
  1. The Freedom of Information as a Fundamental RightGehan Gunatilleke
  1. Public Administration after the Nineteenth Amendment: Prospects for Change Narayanasuwami
  1. Changes to the Structure of Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice by the Nineteenth AmendmentHejaaz Hizbullah
  1. Executive Power after the Nineteenth Amendment: The Centre and the ProvincesNiran Anketell
  1. The Nineteenth Amendment in Comparative Context: Classifying the New Regime-TypeArtak Galyan
  1. Consolidating Constitutional Democracy: The Agenda for Further ReformRohan Edrisinha



  1. The Manifesto of the National Democratic Front for the Presidential Election of January 2015, Sinhala and English versions
  2. The Concept Paper (February 2015)
  3. The Unofficial Legal Draft (February 2015)
  4. The Gazetted Bill (April 2015)
  5. The Memorandum of Government Amendments to the Gazetted Bill (April 2015)
  6. The Determination of the Supreme Court on the Nineteenth Amendment Bill (April 2015)
  7. Parliamentary Proceedings on the Nineteenth Amendment Bill (April 2015)
  8. The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution Act (May 2015)

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